NHL Salary Cap To Be Raised For 2017-18 Season

( Above Photo Credit: Sportsnet .ca )

By Mark Allred                           Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

The National Hockey League announced today that the mandated Salary Cap of $73 million last season will be operating on a league-wide cap of $75 million for the 2017-18 year. This is great news for teams like the Bruins who could use all the room they can as they work hard this offseason to build a solid roster for next year and future needs.


According to what the experts at Cap Friendly have to say the Bruins team could have as much as $12 million in available funds. Of course, a better part of that might be contributed to restricted free agent David Pastrnak as he looks to stay with the team. Regardless of when deals are going to be made a little wiggle room, and flexibility with the cap might not be a bad situation for the Bruins especially if this organization is in desperate need of additions via trade at deadline time in the spring of 2018.




About Mark Allred Jr

Long-time Boston Bruins fan and former beer league goaltender for over 30-years on the ice, Inline, and Dek-Hockey throughout New England. Retired and needed a hobby so writing about the B's talent in the lower levels of developmental hockey is my favorite topic and main focus. It's important to know about tomorrow's stars today in my opinion.
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