Bruins: Vladar To ECHL Is A Questionable Move?

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By: Marks Allred           Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Let’s start by saying I’m a big fan of researching everything Boston Bruins hockey but never considered myself an expert or insider but a person that takes this hobby seriously while learning on a daily basis. Sometimes when things happen behind closed doors, and fans have nothing to do with certain moves, we have our shake our heads moments and sometimes question the acts and inner works of operating a National Hockey League franchise. One move that happened on October 10, 2017, was one where I tilted my head like a curious dog when the B’s had their American Hockey League affiliate move a goaltending prospect to the East Coast Hockey League.


Now here’s where you’re thinking, prospect in the minor-pro developmental leagues go up and down all the time, and I completely understand that but when a prospect is demoted to make room for another goaltender that has nothing what-so-ever to do with this Bruins organization, that raises a red flag for me and start to ponder the realm of why?

SUNRISE, FL – JUNE 27: Daniel Vladar, 75th overall pick by the Boston Bruins poses for a portrait during the 2015 NHL Draft at BB&T Center on June 27, 2015 in Sunrise, Florida. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

20-year-old goaltender Dan Vladar was selected in the third round of the 2015 NHL Entry Draft and was the second highest ranked European netminder according to the NHL’s Central Scouting Final Rankings for his draft year. The 6’-5” 185-pound Czech Republic native admittedly needs some more work in the Bruins system there’s no denying that, but he does have great athleticism and potential that can be seen at every level he’s been called to action thus far.


Here’s why I have a serious problem with the youth prodigy and his placement at the “AA” level. On that same October 10th day that Vladar was moved to the ECHL Atlanta Gladiators, the Providence Bruins filled the vacant crease duties with goaltender Jordan Binnington who came to Providence on loan from the St. Louis Blues organization where he was with the AHL’s Chicago Wolves, but there was no room for him to get playing time. Read that one more time if needed to allow that to soak in and hope at least a few understand where I’m coming from.

So, this brings me to some final question about this move? The Bruins Brass think very highly of Vladar and his progression but how can you pass up a roster spot for one of your own prospects but go ahead and accept a player that has never been in the plan in the first place? That my friends is something that I don’t understand. After watching him play in the ECHL during his 2016-17 professional rookie season mostly grinding it out with Atlanta who was a mediocre team at best, Vladar stepped up his game when called up to the Baby B’s and adjusted very well to a better-structured defense. Although only called to the AHL due to injuries at the NHL level, the quick netminder went unbeaten in eight appearances even tho he posted a below average 5-9-1 record in 18 games for Atlanta.

Why wasn’t Gladiators goaltender Matt Ginn offered that spot over Binnington? Matt’s not a Bruins prospect but has had serviceable time in the lower ranks of the organization’s developmental leagues and would think he’d get a look at least for a short time? This whole thing was just mind-boggling and interesting at the same time.

Again, like I mentioned above, I’m no expert but a passionate fan that loves to get the wheels turning on certain topics but passing over one of your own prospects to create ice time for a player on loan was a questionable one. In the developmental scheme, I had Zane McIntyre and the young Vladar splitting the 2017-18 AHL campaign with a spot made available from the departed Malcolm Subban who was claimed on waivers by the new NHL Las Vegas Golden Knights franchise.


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BFR1 – Game 5 – Jokers Wild

By: Spencer Fascetta                                                Twitter: @PuckNerdHockey

PuckNerd is definitely not happy with that showing in Vegas. He offers some *ahem* creative solutions to the Bruins’ problems…

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Baby B’s Agostino Awarded AHL Honors

( Above Photo Credit:   Youtube )

By: Mark Allred                    Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

The Boston Bruins took a low-risk gamble when they signed Kenny Agostino from free agency with intentions of adding depth no matter what level barring waiver pickup from another franchise. With no takers via priority claim for last seasons American Hockey League scoring champion, his demotion to the Providence Bruins was yes a disappointment, but one of motivation to work harder to get back to the National Hockey League. The 6′-0″ 203-pound left winger reported to the Baby B’s and has played with an incredibly positive attitude and is one of the leaders of the offensive core that’s young enough to learn from his experiences.

Today the AHL awarded the New Jersey native with last week’s CCM/AHL Player Of The Week with his 2-3-5 numbers in games against the Springfield Thunderbirds on Friday night and Toronto Marlies the very next night. These numbers are not including his Providence debut on Saturday, October 7, 2017, against the mentioned Thunderbirds.


Agostino and his Providence Bruins team get back to work for three straight contests this weekend starting on Friday night on the road in Springfield then the next two at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island against the Belleville Senators on Saturday night and finish off the weekend with an afternoon game on Sunday against the Laval Rocket.

For those who haven’t seen much of what kind of player Agostino is, I encourage you to watch these Youtube highlight videos below.





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Outside the Spoked B #1 — Hello, Mr. Stanley

9707920-large      (Above photo credit:  AP)

By:  Karen Still           Follow Me @bluinsfan2017

Welcome to Outside the Spoked B:  Eastern Conference thoughts from a Western Conference mindset!  This will be a series of articles about how my first year following the Bruins coming from a strictly Western Conference background (namely the St. Louis Blues) went and what I’ve learned so far in the process.  I don’t have a set number of articles for this, but it is my sincerest hope that all who read will enjoy the rather bumpy adventures of a new fan to the Eastern Conference.

Now, instead of the beginning of the 2017-18 season two weeks ago, I figured the best place to start would be to talk about what it’s all about–the Stanley Cup.

Lord Stanley’s coveted cup has the distinction of being the oldest trophy in pro sports.  As such, it has many interesting tales to tell, including what it’s like to be used as a cereal bowl by our very own Ball of Hate.

What does it feel like Bruins fans?  No seriously what does it feel like to win that coveted trophy, to watch your boys hoist it high over their heads, screaming in celebration?  We here in St. Louis want to know.

The Blues themselves had only made it to the Stanley Cup Finals 3 times since their founding back in 1967; and it was in those first 3 seasons, one of which was against your Boston Bruins.  Where the great Bobby Orr was immortalized:

I remember watching this particular highlight in a VHS on Blues history growing up.  It was the first time I had ever heard of Bobby Orr (in fact, the only Bruins I really knew about growing up in the 80s/90s were him, Cam Neely, Ray Bourque, and Andy Moog that I can remember right now).

Since then, the Blues only made it to the 3rd round twice: in the 2000-01 and 2015-16 seasons.  I had been keeping token tabs on the former, but it is the latter that I really want to talk about.  That is where I think I might have felt a small smidgen of what it’s like to win or come close to.

It’s always electric, highly-charged atmosphere whenever the Blues play the Blackhawks, regardless if it’s the playoffs or not.  This 1st round matchup was no different;  there was a lot of back and forth, dirty plays, great goals, god-awful (and some would say biased) officiating and as per usual just an outright bloodbath:  all those things that we as Blues fans have come to expect out of this classic rivalry.  There was also a lot of ‘rivalry’ among the fans of both clubs, especially with the advent of social media.  I did my best to stay out of these, mostly because of my superstition that if you trash talk/troll your opponents too much, it’ll jinx your team.  This is especially true during the playoffs (but believe me the burning hatred I have for Chicago was very much alive and well).

The best memory of that series I have was in Game 7 (4-25-16).  It was a Saturday night, and I get out of work late.  I listened to the game the entire way home, zoning in on that like a hawk.  Once I was there, I kept all the lights off and paced about my living room, the only sound being my own overactive, racing heart.  Game 7s, in general, are notorious for raising one’s blood pressure and shortening fingernails.  It’s the ‘do-or-die’ aspect of it, the ‘win-or-go-home.’  Then when Troy Brouwer scored with 08:31 left to go in the game, I think I screamed so loud that I was really and genuinely surprised that I didn’t have the cops called on me.  The amount of that energy kept me going for the rest of the game, keeping on the Blues to hold on.

And hold on they did, eliminating the Blackhawks and heading to the 2nd round to face Dallas.  It’s always a great feeling to not only defeat but eliminate your team’s most hated rivals–that’s something all teams and their fanbases can relate to.

The Dallas series I don’t have any memories of, although a lot of people thought of it was boring.  I’m rather indifferent about the Stars, but nonetheless, that series likewise went 7 games in which we took, heading to the 3rd round for the first time since 2000-01.

The Sharks weren’t a team I knew much about but again, the Blues were pushing, and pushing hard.  The atmosphere around St. Louis, was like a subtle, crackling electricity;  you Bruins fans know the kind–that ‘silent but ready to explode’ sensation having come so far already but with still a long way to go.  It was amazing to see the city so alive and pulling for this Blues team and beautiful too.  The thoughts I had was like ‘we’re so close, we can do this.’ It was…unreal and near indescribable.

It appeared as if this series was likewise going to go a full 7 games.  It all came to a head at Game 6 (5-25-16).  This was one of those times I was glad that the game didn’t start until 9pm my time, so I headed to one of my favorite restaurants to watch it after work.

The more the Sharks took the lead, the more energy I could feel being drained from the room and my own heart was sinking.  I was near tears when they couldn’t pull it through but I wasn’t ticked off–in fact, I was proud of them for having fought and overcome some near impossible obstacles to get as far as they did.  No-one ever expects the Blues to get that far and yet they did.  Was I let down?  Sure, but I think I was sadder and felt for them more than anything.

I think the main thing with that season is that the Blues were tired:  they had fought two adamant opponents to 7 games each to reach the 3rd round, and it sucked the life out of them.  They tried, they pushed, and they just ran out of gas.  If anything, it’s this interview right here that I think sums it up 100%:

This moment still stays with me and brings me to tears every single time.  The amount of pure, genuine emotion from then-Captain Backes just tears me up.  This also reminds me of just how very human all of these players are. It’s one of those moments in which you realize for a short moment just how much these men sacrifice for the ultimate prize in their sport.

So there you have it Bruins fans–that is my story of the quest for the Cup as I can best remember it.  Now please tell me, is any of this what it feels like to watch your team win it all or come close to?  Is it what it’s like to drink from the proverbial Cup?  Am I close or like my original team, still so very far away?  If you wish, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned:  there’s a lot more to come!

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Bruins Prospect Pare Has Best Game Of 2017-18

( Above Photo Credit:  NHL .com )

By: Mark Allred            Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

Tonight Boston Bruins prospect and Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Saint John Sea Dogs forward Cedric Pare snapped a six-game pointless streak with his first career two-goal game in a 4-3 overtime loss to the home Moncton Wildcats team. In his previous ten games with the Sea Dogs the sixth round selection of the Bruins only had two points and got those in a game against these same Wildcats where he got a goal and an assist at the end of September. A friend and recent guest of the Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast Craig Eagles who’s a QMJHL Scout and Tv Colour Analyst was impressed with his game as he tweeted this tonight from New Brunswick, Canada.




Below is a link to watch the highlights of Bruins prospect Cedric Pare and his first career QMJHL two-goal game courtesy of QMJHL TV.

October 15, 2017,  Saint John Sea Dogs vs. the Moncton Wildcats 

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Boston Bruins Post Game Recap: Game 5


Photo Credit: @bluinsfan2017 on Twitter

By: KG                   Follow me on Twitter: @kgbngblog


This will be the first time that the Bruins have ever played the Golden Knights, and their first time playing a game in the new T-Mobile Arena in Nevada. Yet again, there will be the absence of both Patrice Bergeron and David Backes as they are still on the IR. The lineups are almost exactly the same as last night, but Frank Vatrano has regained his spot in the roster from Austin Czarnik. An interesting move, but we’ll see if it pays off for bench boss Bruce Cassidy. Malcolm Subban, former Bruins first-round pick, will make his first start tonight as a Golden Knight while Rask starts for the B’s.

What I Am Looking Forward To

It’ll be interesting to see how Malcolm Subban does tonight. He has zero wins in his first two NHL games played. But he is going up against the team that waived him, which could be a good or bad thing. The Bruins should know where to shoot on him, but Subban should also know the tendencies of the players on the Bruins. It’ll definitely be fun to watch this matchup unfold.


The Bruins started off the game where they had left off last night against Arizona. They clearly had the momentum, keeping the Knights on their heels. A recurring theme was pucks put in front of the net in the offensive zone. Bruins couldn’t convert though. We had a faceoff violation about halfway through the period. It was riveting. David Perron tried to pull a fast one on the ref by placing his foot about two inches out of the designated area. But ol’ stripes was having none of it. Thank goodness we have these guys cleaning up our rinks and making them a safe place to correctly take a faceoff. Still the dumbest rule out there. On the ensuing power play, the Bruins had a lot of troubles setting up in the Knight’s zone. The Knights even sprung a player for a breakaway, but Brad Marchand made sure to put an end to that. Stand out player for me so far is David Krejci. I’ve seen him multiple times break into the zone and dance around with the puck, and then finding an open passing lane. Hopefully, he can continue to do so. Overall, it was a meh period for both teams.





As of 26:28 into the game, the shots are split at 6 each. For those who don’t know, that is not a lot. Not even close. It may be due to the amount of time each team is spending slapping the puck around in the neutral zone. Later in the period, VGK started to heat up. Alex Tuch picked Sean Kuraley’s pocket and walked into the zone untouched and beat Rask. The Knights came back down the ice again and scored on a scramble play. Adam McQuaid made a heroic leap to try and block a shot but ended up just flopping onto Tuukka Rask’s pads and stopping him from getting back up. The Bruins were definitely outplayed that period. They still only have 15 total shots on Subban after two. Not ideal to let a young, inexperienced goalie be eased into a game like that.



VGK – Tuch, Shipachyov (Tuch, Engelland)


The third period started just as the second ended. Terribly. The Bruins could only get very limited shots and net and when they did the majority of them were so easy you could put in one of those shooting dummies that you put in the net for road hockey as your goalie and it would still save it. One of the few “Highlights” in the third for the Bruins was when Kevan Miller tried to fight David Perron. And there were no punches thrown. That was how un-exciting the period was. Scary moment with McQuaid going down and not getting up to quick after taking a shot to the leg. With 30 seconds left, the Bruins had four shots in the third. And they had just gotten that fourth shot for a very greasy goal that was put in the net by Karlsson on his own team. But of course, it was too little, too late. Vegas got the empty-netter and the Bruins finish their Western road trip at 1-2 after a very disappointing game. The four-day rest will hopefully do them well.


BOS – Pastrnak

VGK – ENG Lindberg


A textbook example of what NOT to do. Really only 5 shots from below the top of the circle since Pastrnak shot from behind the goal line and banked it in on his goal. This is exactly why Subban, a goalie who has 6 professional hockey shutouts almost got another tonight.

KG’s Three Stars Of The Game

1st: Tuukka Rask- Rask saved 24 of 26 shots tonight. Not his best, but he was the only thing that kept the game somewhat close. He made some key saves, mainly the one against Reilly Smith on a breakaway.

2nd: Torey Krug – Krug was one of the better players in a terrible game by the Bruins as a whole. When Boston did have the puck in the offensive end, he was doing his usual thing of getting pucks to the net and make passes to open up the zone.

3rd:  David Pastrnak – Pastrnak had a decent game, but I should probably have him in the Three Stars just because he was credited with the goal. Other than that, not much to rave about.

MUP (Most Under-Appreciated Player): Malcolm Subban – I try to only have Bruins players in my Three Stars/MUP, but this game shows that in the right situation, Subban could be pretty good. It sucks that the Bruins couldn’t find a scenario that they could work with him and that they lost him for nothing.

BIRDHOUSE – Round-up of the best Tweets during the game


Thursday, October 19th, 2017 in Boston VS Vancouver


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BFR1 – Game 4 – Bobby Chara

By: Spencer Fascetta                                                    Twitter: @PuckNerdHockey

Well, the B’s got back on track a bit against the Coyotes. How did PuckNerd feel about it?

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Black N’ Gold Hockey Podcast Episode 67 10-15-17

By: Mark Allred    Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277    @BlackNGoldPod

Welcome back for episode 67 in partnership with the Grandstand Sports Network. On this week’s show, Mark Allred, Court Lalonde, and Rob Tomlin get together to talk about the awful regular season games against the Colorado Avalanche twice last week and the awesome effort to get back to Bruins hockey with a 6-2 win over Arizona. We also touch on the games for the upcoming week against Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Buffalo to end the week. We talk about Captain Zdeno Chara and his want to stay in Boston and the shaky goaltending from Tuukka Rask so far this season.
We also have the popular Bruins Prospect Report and Twitter what Ya Bruin MailBag.
We also welcome special guest and hockey prospect guru Steve Kournianos of and The Draft Analyst Podcast to talk about Bruins second-round selection, Jack Studnicka and recently entry-level signed goaltender Kyle Keyser both of the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League.

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Thanks for tuning in and all the support! We’ll be back next week for another show of Bruins Hockey related material. Take Care and GO Bruins!!

In case you missed Last week’s episode 66, check it out below!

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An Update On Bruins Prospects Frederic And Hughes

(Photo Credit: Jessi Schoville, The Daily Cardinal)

By Mike Cratty                                                            Twitter: @Mike_Cratty

The Wisconsin boys, Cameron Hughes and Trent Frederic held down the top two center spots and came to North Andover, MA last night to take on Merrimack College, along with the rest of a strong Wisconsin squad. Both of the Boston Bruins prospects are NCAA studs and had solid showings Wisconsin’s 4-1 win over Merrimack.

I’m a team manager for the Men’s hockey team at Merrimack. This game was a treat as a Bruins fan and writer, not as a Merrimack student, unfortunately. Part of what makes it so great is the view I have for every home game.

Cameron Hughes really came to play last night. As a senior, Hughes has the “C” on his chest and for good reason. His skating sticks out, his stride is smooth, and he is pretty agile. Hughes put together a good all-around showing despite not tallying a point. One negative that stood out was that he struggled on a few defensive zone breakouts, which can be fixed.

Hughes displayed great passion as the Wisconsin captain. Merrimack’s only goal was questionable is his eyes, and he made it known. That type of intensity from a leader is significant and should always be a valued quality. Although he was riled up a bit, he didn’t blow his lid and do anything too rash.

A right amount of playing time came his way, including power play and penalty kill minutes. He did an excellent job forcing a timely turnover in the first that lead to a decent chance for Wisconsin. Trent Frederic did the same a few minutes later in the period. Impressive hockey IQ was definitely present from Cameron Hughes.

Hughes was just under a point-per-game with 32 points in 36 games and has two points in five games to start his senior season. Altogether, Cameron Hughes holds good late-round value as the 165th overall pick in 2015.

(Photo Credit:

Frederic, who was drafted 29th overall in 2016, picked up the secondary assist on Wisconsin’s fourth goal. He was locked in last night, I couldn’t think of one negative thing to say. What sticks out the most to me in Frederic’s game is his patience and willingness to take care of the defensive zone first. Not to mention the fact that he earned an “A” on his chest after tallying over a point-per-game in his freshman season. He is picking up where he left off with five points in five games to start his sophomore season.

With new responsibility comes substantial playing time. Frederic saw the ice a whole lot, including power play and penalty kill time. Getting back to his patience, one moment where it really stood out was in the first period last night. On the penalty kill, he was patiently waiting in open space for a pass to come his way and didn’t overcommit to his man. This lead to him stretching out his stick to pick off a Merrimack pass and dump the puck. While that may seem like a simple thing, patience and poise like that from a 19-year-old is very good to see.

On the power play, Frederic occupied the half wall on the right side boards and worked hard down low. It looks so simple to him. His 6-foot-2 frame allows him to box opposing players out, control, then distribute the puck however necessary.

Frederic plays a mature and poised game, with the skill to add to an impressive arsenal of good qualities for a hockey player to have. Last Friday, October 6, Wisconsin took on Ohio State, and one of the Fox Sports announcers had high praise for Trent Frederic. This praise entailed him saying something along the lines of that he thinks Trent Frederic may be NHL ready soon, if not now. He also brought up how thinks Trent Frederic is a real leader at such a young age, with former Wisconsin captain Luke Kunin leaving for the Minnesota Wild organization.

The value of drafting Trent Frederic at 29th overall is looking very good, he really is an impressive player.

Both of the Wisconsin boys are making their presences known with the 4-1-0 Badgers. Boston Bruins fans should be very excited to see how their developmental process goes in the future.

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Bruins Bjork Nets First Goal Against Coyotes

GLENDALE, AZ – OCTOBER 14: Anders Bjork #10, Charlie McAvoy #73 and Danton Heinen #43 of the Boston Bruins celebrate a third period goal against Louis Domingue #35 of the Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena on October 14, 2017 in Glendale, Arizona. Bruins won 6-2. (Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images)

By: Mark Allred                 Follow Me On Twitter @BlackAndGold277

The Boston Bruins put aside the mediocre effort they displayed when they played the Colorado Avalanche twice last week with a solid showing last night with a 6-2 victory over the Arizona Coyotes. The Bruins have now won ten straight games against the Desert Dogs and look to continue last night’s success when they play the new Las Vegas Golden Knights franchise for the first time tonight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although, there were many highlight goals that could be mentioned during the offensive beatdown the B’s gave the Yotes last night, one rookie player on this Bruins team deserves an honorable mention for getting his first National Hockey League goal. It only took four games for Anders Bjork to notch his first career goal and it was a beauty late in the third period as the young talented winger fires a power-play goal past Coyotes netminder Louis Domingue from the right offensive circle after a creative pass through traffic from fellow rookie Jake DeBrusk. These two players connected back on October, 5th, during the seasons first game against the Nashville Predators at TD Garden when Bjork was the primary assist on DeBrusk’s first career goal.

( Above Photo Credit:   NHL .com/BostonBruins .com )

Below are some Tweets from fans and hockey writers about the accomplishment of the young player with tremendous upside.






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